Creating or Deleting a Page

Once you have selected one of our templates and chosen your site's name and web address, you will find yourself on the home page as shown below. If you are on your website but can't see the editing menu, make sure you are signed in with the website owner's account.

Create a New Page:

To create a new page, simply click the button shown below which should be located in the top right corner of the page.

Proceed to type in the page's name and if needed, modify the URL, type of page and location of the page.

Delete a Page:

To delete a page, select More in the top right corner as shown below.

Then choose Delete page to remove the entire page from your website. This will also delete any images you've uploaded to that specific page.

Modify the Navigation Bar:

Most of our templates use a horizontal navigation bar which requires that you add pages to them. To do so, select More in the top right corner as shown below.

Then select Edit site layout from the drop-down that appears.

The page will now enter the layout editor. Select the horizontal navigation area to open the options. To add a page you've already created to the navigation bar, choose Add page. To remove a page from the navigation bar, select the page from the list (as shown below) and click the trash bin icon. This will not delete the page, but will remove it from the navigation bar.

It is also possible to include a Sitemap and a Recent activity page by selecting the appropriate checkbox or include a link to another website by choosing Add URL. The style of the buttons on the navigation bar can also be modified.