Change The Banner

Once you have selected one of our templates and chosen your site's name and web address, you will find yourself on the home page as shown below. If you are on your website but can't see the editing menu, make sure you are signed in with the website owner's account.

Step 1:

Click on More in the top right corner of your site as shown below. Then select Manage Site from the options that appear.

Step 2:

On the side-bar menu, select Themes, Colors, and Fonts.

Step 3:

To change the website banner image, the settings can either be found under Entire page > Background > Wrapper image or under Site header > Background > Image. Both of these options are shown below. Click on the image button to upload the new header and select Options to tile or align the image. For free banner images, click here (opens a page from our website in a new tab).

Step 4:

After previewing the changes you've made, select Save in the upper left corner of the screen or choose Cancel to discard all of the changes since the previous save. Click on the link with your website name and arrow to return to the home page. Your changes should be reflected on the website.