Advanced Edits

Even though Google Sites can be modified using just the graphical editor, some users may need more advanced options. This tutorial focuses on making changes to the HTML, and inserting custom JavaScript, CSS and HTML into the body of the website. To begin, log in and navigate to the page you will be making changes to.

HTML Editor:

These instructions will help you modify the HTML of content on your website or insert new HTML. While editing the website, select the HTML button.

A popup will appear, showing you the HTML of the content you've already placed on the page. If you are pasting pure HTML you've retrieved from another website (Facebook button, iFrame, etc), paste it in this text box. For beginners it is recommended that you paste the code at the very beginning, and then drag the object into place using the visual editor.

More advanced users may find it easier to paste the code in the appropriate place using the HTML editor.

Insert JavaScript, CSS and HTML:

These instructions will help you code your own mini JavaScript app (calculator, image slider, etc) or allow you to insert Javascript code generated by another website (ads, sign up forms, etc).

While editing the website, select the Insert button and then select HTML Box. Paste or begin typing your JavaScript, HTML and CSS in the popup that appears.

Some limitations still exist. For example, window.onload will not work inside an HTML Box.