Adsense is a program run by Google that allows advertisers to place advertisements on your websites. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the website owner makes a bit of money. 

Unfortunately, Adsense for Google Sites was shut down at the end of 2013.
Fortunately, several alternatives exist for monetizing your website with advertisements.

About allows you to monetize any URL or website you want with ads. There are no restrictions on website owners (like minimum visitors) and anyone can sign up.

Ad types and CPM provides three main ad types: banner ads, interstitial ads and popups (these links point to live demos. Can't see anything? Try disabling your ad blocker). These ads all pay per view as opposed to click. This means you get paid when people view the ad, even if no one clicks on it.

The rate per 1000 views (CPM) in tier 1 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia) for each ad type is shown below:

   Banner ad:  $0.45 to $0.72 CPM
   Interstitial ad: $1.60 to $3.96 CPM
   Pop ad: $1.19 to $2.00 CPM

To sign up for click here. After you've created your account, click here for information on how to add ads to your website.

More Advertising Options Soon

Our list is under construction, but more options are coming soon (we promise)!